Advance praise for Motherland

“Rarely has a mother-daughter relationship been excavated with such honesty. Elissa Altman is a beautiful, big-hearted writer who mines her most central subject: her gorgeous, tempestuous, difficult mother, and the terrain of their shared life.  The result is a testament to the power of love and family.”

DANI SHAPIRO, Author of Inheritance

“With all the warmth, candor, and intelligence of her previous memoirs, Elissa Altman now turns her miss-nothing observational skills on the most complicated of relationships-that between daughter and mother. The resulting story, of a mother most bedeviling and a daughter doing everything she can to save herself without losing her oldest tie, is a triumph of sensitivity and a truly compelling read.”

ANN PACKER, author of The Children’s Crusade

“In Motherland, Elissa Altman brilliantly untwists her own lifelong passionate-but-fraught motherdaughter helix. Beautifully written, infused with humor, sorrow, and hardwon clarity, this memoir is a triumph of writerly and daughterly empathy.”

KATE CHRISTENSEN , author of The Last Cruise and Blue Plate Special

“It’s a braided daisy chain, this motherlove.  She loves me, she loves me not. I love her, I love her not.  For an only child in a glamorous, glittery world, perhaps it’s more chain than daisy. Elissa Altman uses her wit, heart, moxie, and everything she has ever learned, to both love and free herself, from an impossible, neversaydie mother. She does it with scintillating, unsparing prose. I couldn’t quit them; I didn’t want to.”

JACKIE LYDEN, author of Daughter of the Queen of Sheba